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we work from a hair salon based in shipley, west yorkshire and specialise in scalp micropigmentation (or smp). if you have been looking  at baldness cures and have not made a choice, then why not consider smp by sutton hair clinic. the results are incredible within hours of starting the treatment. 

We use the best quality cosmetic pigment which pass health and safety regulations. The pigment is specifically designed for use on the scalp – it will not discolour into green/blue. All needle cartridges and consumables are single use and safely disposed of following health and safety regulations. State of the art rotary machines.

Semi-permanent pigment is put into the scalp to create the look of shaved head. The procedure is compared to tattooing because there are many similarities. The needles used are fine and they only really pierce the skin, whereas, tattoos are more invasive and cause more trauma to the skin. Clients are using SPM to enhance their life.

“Choosing to have Scalp Micropigmentation by Sutton Hair Clinic has improved my confidence and image, I would not hesitate to recommend David to anybody considering the change”

Whether you are simply trying to improve your looks, feel more confident, hide scar tissue from previous hair transplant procedure, disguise alopecia or to look a little younger, then SMP may be something for you to consider.

There is also the facility of a more private facility if you do not want to come into the hair salon, as some clients do want total privacy. I do have a registered private studio at my property in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Please message me to arrange a visit.

There are always things to take into account with any procedure, if you have read the FAQ’s page and still would like further information, please give me a call, drop me an email or head to the contact us page.

If you are not too far away, you can arrange to visit first and have a look at the salon and see what the procedure entails.

My costs, compared to many of the other studios and clinics are competitive on pricing.

Sutton Hair Clinic is legally registered and insured. All consumables like the needle cartridges are sent away to be incinerated.  All staff are trained to a high level of competence.