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how much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

Please send us a recent image, front and back and we’ll give you a fixed price. The prices range from £75 – £1000, this depends on the area to be worked on, which could be a very small . Total Alopecia cases involve more sessions as the sides and back have to be worked on, as well as the crown area. The price given to you at the time of the consultation, or, based on a recent photograph sent will be fixed – there will be no extra costs involved. Our goal is for you to be happy.

Can I still do the gym or training excersices?

4 Days after each treatment you should avoid heavy exercise because of the sweating, which could flush the pigment out of the skin. This is essential otherwise the treatment may not work as well. Exposure to the sun is also to be avoided during this healing time. After the treatment is fully healed and you want to be in the sun, you can use higher factor sun protection cream to look after your treatment, or use a hat.

what is scalp micropigmentation?

Treatment to disguise baldness. Hundreds to thousands of very tiny injections (dependent on the size of area) of semi-permanent pigment into the scalp. These are put into the scalp using a purpose built machine, fine disposable needles, with purpose made pigment, the pigment does not go very deep into the skin, it barely enters the top layer of skin on the scalp. The gradual build-up of tiny ‘dots’ will create the illusion of shaved hair follicles.

do i have to shave my head?

Not always. Some men and women have lots of hair but it is thinning, for example at the crown. The treatment can disguise this as the hair can be styled and the whole thing blends together. If the hair is too sparse, then the fine SMP follicles will show and the contrast could be too much. There are products on the market people use to spray a colour onto the scalp to give a similar illusion. We have found the most realistic approach is to shave the head and match what is there.


This depends on the size of the area to cover. Generally the style is completed in 1-3 sessions. If, for example the whole of the crown is to be worked on, including a front hairline, the procedure may take 3 sessions, 9 hours in total. Total Alopecia (where there is no hair on the head would take further sessions as the sides and back have to worked in also. A small patch could be completed in 1 visit in perhaps 2 hours. Ideally a photograph taken of the front and back of the head is the best way of gauging the course needed to complete the look. Sessions are best kept to 3 hours maximum as you will need to stay in the same position for this length of time.

is it possible to have the treatment at home?

Yes! I do have portable equipment and could arrange to do the treatment in a suitable and private area. There would be the extra cost of travel and payment would have to be arranged first. The benefit of privacy suits some people, however there is a choice of my private studio in Harrogate, North Yorkshire or Elle Salon at Shipley, West Yorkshire – it is literally like walking into a normal hair salon, people will be getting perms, normal haircuts/blow dry – and, of course, scalp micropigmentation treatment.

is scalp micropigmentation painful?

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, is not as invasive as tattooing because the pigment is put into the top layer of skin. There is no bleeding and the recovery phase, where the skin will scab over and come away is very minimal. The skin may be red after the treatment but this can vary from person to person. 

how do you match the colour, does it fade?

The colour is matched generally with black and shades of grey. If scalp micropigmentation is split into sessions then the colour can be slightly altered in sessions 2 to 3. The pigment is not the same as tattoo ink, which can go blue or even green over time and spread out in size. Yes the pigment will fade over time and this will vary from person to person. Scalp Micropigmentation can be re-done or ‘touched-up’, usually between 1-3 years.