--- Better Looking Scalps


--- Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)


IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION (OR SMP), SUTTON HAIR CLINIC IS SAFE, EXPERIENCED AND RELIABLE. the experience is designed to be as stress-free as possible. A tea, coffee or light refreshment is good first. I understand that if you have to travel a bit of a distance first, then it is good to settle in before getting started.

I have 2 options available where to get the treatment completed, firstly the Hair Salon in Shipley, West Yorkshire, recently renovated, known as Elle Salon.

There is availability seven days a week and evenings. Secondly, I have a private studio in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. We will discuss exactly what you want and design a hairline to match.

The treatment is subtle and gradual. I like to have some background music to make the process calm and stress free.

We use the best quality cosmetic pigment which pass health and safety regulations. The pigment is specifically designed for use on scalp – they will not discolour into green/blue.

All needle cartridges and pigment pots are single use and safely disposed of following health and safety regulations. State of the art German rotary machines.

Semi-permanent pigment is put into the scalp to create the look of shaved head. The procedure is compared to tattooing because there are many similarities.

The needles used are fine and they only really pierce the skin, whereas, tattoos are more invasive and cause more trauma to the skin.

Clients are using SPM to enhance their life.



This treatment is excellent for bringing back your hairline to its natural position, once the treatment is done it makes you look younger, brings back confidence and you will be walking out of the clinic smiling!


With the help of special hair pigmentation pigments, we can give a virtual hairstyle to bald or balding men that look like a shaven down head.

Ladies with thinning hair are finding the procedure beneficial to disguise areas that stand out, particularly on the top of the head where roots stand out.

This effect is natural looking, taking on the look of hair follicles that will blend in with your existing hair.

The treatment must be carried out with the necessary training and experience. Sutton Hair Clinic only uses the best pigment and equipment available on today’s market

Male Pattern baldness of the crown – this is very common, especially in men. After your first treatment your crown will look more dense giving a natural look of a shaved head.